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Surf rod & reel combo for Montauk.

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Hi all. I will be out at Montauk the 3rd week of August for vacation. Can anyone give me some suggestions for a spinning combo for the surf. I always go boat fishing but have always wanted to try the surf. I don't know much about the surf scene but I have read through the older posts and picked up some stuff. Any suggestions would be a great help. Thank You.
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your gonna need 10'or bigger,I only suggest buying the best(don't be cheap) corkers,waders,rain jacket as the waves crash you & good balance as you will be standing on rocks.You can try the open beaches,but you'll be wasting your time(an occasional fish is picked up here and there)but the rocks are were its at.
Hey kevin ex. suggestion,he really should use your advise.His prices & information,are ex.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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