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Surf rod & reel combo for Montauk.

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Hi all. I will be out at Montauk the 3rd week of August for vacation. Can anyone give me some suggestions for a spinning combo for the surf. I always go boat fishing but have always wanted to try the surf. I don't know much about the surf scene but I have read through the older posts and picked up some stuff. Any suggestions would be a great help. Thank You.
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Since Bill W. is not available… here is some of information you should know about Montauk surfishing.

First of all… You MUST have the following safety" essentials before venturing out there!
1) corkers
2) Flashlight (+ backup)
3) Wader
4) Belt
5) Top

jpfsurf is correct when he says 10'+ rod! In addition to that, you need to use a minimal of 15 lbs. test line and 36" + 40 lbs. test leader! As far as lures are concerned… You can't go wrong with 1 ½ - 2 oz. Bucktail tipped with either a pork rind or curly tail. Another must have lure is a yellow or white darter and a white pencil for the early and very late light (working along the edges of rocks). Should you decide to work the daylight hours… You probably want to carry a few tins (with single (bucktail) for maximum distance. These lures are the basic "Montauk" lures and it will also help you to travel light.

In terms of areas… Generally this time of the year… you want to concentrate the late night hours under the infamous lighthouse and along the South side (Browns - Ditch). Should you decide to work the North side… Scotts, Stepping stones and False bar is also productive. However, keep in mind that those areas are very rocky (hence- sticky & dangerous) and extra precaution must be taken!

I also strongly recommend that you scout the area (during "top" of low tide) before venturing at night! Understand and study where the cuts, current, edges and noticeable bars are… and know your limits.

Once you got all that... concentrate the first two hours of each tide change and your success catch ratio will increase.

In addition, if this is your first time… Work the areas with a buddy -or- fish around where there are other fishers around (in case of emergency).

Hope this gives you a good idea where to go and what to use.

Enjoy - Be Safe & Tight Lines!

"Crazy" Alberto Knie
[email protected]
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jcumella wrote:
Much good advise here, and I do not want to sound discouraging... If you had said that you were a surf guy from elswhere... well that would be one thing. But I do not think that Montauk is the best place to "break your cherry" at Surf Casting unless you stay on the north side beaches or town beaches on the south side. As much as you will want to climb the rocks under the light our scout along Camp Hero... that can be a dangerous place for the novice and certainly not alone for the first time out.
Hello jcumella
That is a very good point! That is why in my post I mentioned the "safety" essentials. I also mentioned to take the extra precautions because it is dangerous and to have a buddy system! ;)

Mike71 wrote:
I think I will stay away from the rocks as it is dangerous especially for my first time. I have been there many times just watching and I seen what it is like. Maybe I will try some other areas and if not I will be very content just being out there for 5 days and fishing on the boats.
I totally agree with you because ""safety always comes first!

However, don't let the area discourage you because at times fish moves very close to shore and there are many productive areas where you don't have to climb rocks! :)

Be safe and have a great time!

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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