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HI All;
I have been doing this rig for quite a while. I'll explain and see if anyone else is using it.
I take 40 inch stiff leader(30 pound test) and tie/snell on a 2/0 or 3/0 gold bait saver hook.
I slide on a 2 inch bullet/cigar float (red/green colored) and run it up to the hook. I then run the hook as far as I can INTO the float hole and jam it there.
Tie a loop in the open end.
I'll take a sandworm or bloodworm and slide the hook up thru the middle of the worm so it hangs straight down keeping the bend and hook point exposed.
Now I'll gently cast out in surf or channel edge or bridge abutment or sea wall.
The float keeps the worm WAY above the bottom and IN the Bass sight zone.
When that Bass takes the worm, he will turn away hooking himself almost every time in the corner of his jaw. Easy release that way.
I've been thinking of going to bronze hooks. That way if I break off a BASS, the hook will rust out quicker.
Joe B. ...aka...Ancient Mariner
Keep your feet dry and catch 'em up.
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