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surf launching

To launch, watch the wave sets a while until you are fairly certain when the smallest wave is due in, and then paddle like **** when you see that wave form.

Square the boat to the waves on the sand first, wait for the surge to float you, and off you go. Lean back when the breaking wave hits. Make sure all your gear is leashed in case you dump.

Coming in, study the beach for the spot where the waves are smallest (usually one end of the beach or the other).

Ride in on the back of the wave (behind the whitewater and mush, in other words) and be prepared to back-paddle hard in case you accelerate and begin to surf in (although surfing can also work if the waves are "small").

Landing: once you hit sand, GET OUT OF OR OFF THE KAYAK AS FAST AS YOU CAN and haul the boat up high on shore, also as fast as you can, so the wave's suck-back doesn't pull you out backwards or, worse, sideways, into the face of the next breaker.

Typically, in a group of paddling anglers, the most-experienced should land first and launch last to direct the others in and to help the less-experienced land.

Again, leash all gear or you will lose it if you dump. Be sure your hooks are securely stowed (fillet knife and gaff too) so you don't get nicked, cut, or gored if you do fall out.

Finally, if you dump coming in or going out, don't allow yourself to remain long between the kayak and shore. Otherwise our own boat will run you over. Ouch.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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