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To anyone who wants to vote for the leftwing Obama. Just look at the Supreme court decisions this week. One in favor of terrorists, and the other in favor of child molesters. With another lefty appointed to the court the USA will be unrecognizable in another 10 years. But then again McCain is pretty far to the left in the Republican party, maybe it's a battle thats already been lost. We may just not know it yet.
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Scott1280 wrote:
It was a decision in favor of a Child RAPIST, not a molester!
Get it right!:rolleyes:

Let's see what happens with the DC Gun case.

I'll go out on a limb and predict that the SCOTUS is going to uphold the lower court decision and find the DC law unconstitutional. I'll also predict that their holding will have virtually no effect, since every jurisdiction will claim that its gun laws are reasonable (even if it forbids gun ownership) and they will continue to enforce them until their law gets brought before the federal courts.
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