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i sometimes fish in a small lake near my house and there are bass, pike, crappie, pickerel and carp. I like to catch the small sunnies on ultralite tackle. i use wax worms on a # 8 hook and they often steal the bait off the hook without me feeling the bite, even on 4 pound test. any way to hook them without having them get your worm every time?? for every 2 pieces of bait i use i land 1 fish. also, is there any specific lure or small jig that you have found to work effectively with these little baitstealers??? i find these to be even worse than porgies and perch when it comes to stripping the bait off of the hook.
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Palm sized delights

Blue gills can be extremely entertaining. I have found that using a very small Rooster Tail (spinner) yellow with brown spots, is by far the best lure ever made. Works on pan fish, trout, bass, name it. It comes in 2 or 3 weights. The medium sized one is the one I use and it works on all size fish. Good luck
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