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i sometimes fish in a small lake near my house and there are bass, pike, crappie, pickerel and carp. I like to catch the small sunnies on ultralite tackle. i use wax worms on a # 8 hook and they often steal the bait off the hook without me feeling the bite, even on 4 pound test. any way to hook them without having them get your worm every time?? for every 2 pieces of bait i use i land 1 fish. also, is there any specific lure or small jig that you have found to work effectively with these little baitstealers??? i find these to be even worse than porgies and perch when it comes to stripping the bait off of the hook.
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Little basstages arn't they? hehehehe

Maybe your giving them too much bait? I know that when I use regular garden worms, you cant give them a tag end cause sure enough thats what they'll grab and they'll have your hook cleaned off in no time. I tread the worm on the hook and break it off at the bend of the hook. I try to push the worm up on the knot so all of the hook, except for the point is covered by the worm.

Wax worm arn't that tough either, Little pieces of night crawler, or as I said, garden worms, should work just as well.

Lure wise, small twister tails, small rapalas, the rebel real life series (expecially the cricket) and small inline spinners all work well.

Good luck!!
Keep em alive..

Worms get mushy fast, so keep them whole and alive.

I tried to reply to your PM to me but couldn't, so I'll just reply here.

I just break off what I need as I go. Have a towel or rag handy cause they are messy critters.

More important is your float, I use a float that is bouyant enough to barly float with bait on the hook. A small light float with increase your catch ratio more then what bait your using.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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