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I'm sure everyone is aware of unusually warm weather conditions that have prevailed throughout the country over the last few weeks. Well, evidently the sailfish have been watching the weather channel because they've definitely taken a vacation.

The awesome sail bite has slowed considerably over the last two weeks. Many theories apply: full moon, no current, warm temps. Which ever is true, I don't have a clue! We had 8-10 shots at sails earlier in the month and now the same "locales" and baits are only raising 1-3 fish a day, if that.

I hope this report doesn't discourage those with hopes of catching sailfish. It's just a reality check. Many sails have yet to be caught. But, in my opinion if you plan on fishing in the near future you may have to alter your plans and create your own opportunities.

There have been bait schools cruising the beaches early but then seem to disappear. We ran to Stuart from Jupiter and found only "horn bellies". Blue runners are abundant along the beaches. That's a good start. Dead sardines and frozen squid are not a bad idea to "save the day" if you can't catch bait.

If you are lucky enough to catch some live bait I would head out to 80-120 feet, drop some bottom rigs with squid, live bait on flatlines and stagger a triple rigged sardine in between. You've got all bases covered. You've got a good shot at all that swin and eat!

Give it a shot, you'll still have fun and hopefully have some dinner as well. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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