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Suggestions for tonight.

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Hey guys,

Going out on the sound tonight(29th)at about 10:30-11. Any suggestions on bait or lures??? I have whole clams, clam bellys, spearing, and bunker on the bait side. Do you think I should add in Eels?

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If your going for bass,sure,bring some eels or bunker chunks..Just try to find a quiet harbor if your going out on the L.I. sound tonight,these N/E winds are increasing and it will be real snotty out there!
I'm not sure tonights a good idea. Here's the latest forecast and it's not pretty:

Long Island Sound East of New Haven CT/Port Jefferson NY-
Long Island Sound west of New Haven CT/Port Jefferson NY-
1000 AM EDT Sat Sep 29 2001
Small craft advisory

This afternoon: NE Wind 20 to 25 kt, increasing to 25 to 30 kt. seas 2 to 3 Ft. Chance of showers.

Tonight: NE Wind around 30 kt. Seas 3 to 5 Ft. Tides around 1 1/2 Ft above normal may cause minor tidal flooding around the times of high tide.

Sun: NE Wind 25 to 30 kt. Seas 3 to 5 Ft. Tides around 1 1/2 Ft to 2 1/2 Ft above normal will likely cause minor tidal flooding around the times of high tide.

George R. Scocca
Publisher, Nor'east Saltwater
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Hey guys,

Not going out tonight, went out to Shinne****, fished the inlet on the West and East sides, then switched to the beach.

Really no fish around (Some chinese family catch a small striper that was 15-18", refused to throw it back in and decided to use it as bait.. I wanted to toss them off the jetty), TOO WINDY, and conditions weren't ideal for much of anything.

Unless the wind calms down, I'm not heading out to the sound, there's always next weekend...

if you retrace your steps sun am, you may be pleasantly surprised. no guarantees.


People such as this have ruined many days of mine , the worst part about your post is This was a family so now those children just learned that it is O.K. to keep illegal fish and therefore will grow up to be rotten animals just like thier parents I have to say though, when they started using a schoolie for bait I would have had no choice but to go absolutly nuts, and those children would have also learned that when you keep short fish you get your A** kicked
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