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Rodprof wrote:
For more info contact the Montauk Chamber of Commerce and they will send you a complete list of charterboats.

Welcome master rodcrafter Al Goldberg! :) Thanks for visiting this forum and for answering slnaja?s (Sam?s) question!

Slnaja Wrote:
I wish to go for several days, do a little surfcastin, surfing and fishing. I'll be back for the fall run, but want to take some time in June as well.

Hello Sam,
Rodprof provided you with a sound advice ?and- you should definitely consider calling the Chamber of Commerce for more specifics. As for surfcasting during the June Month... June is a wonderful time for quality Stripers and Blues under the Montauk light! Come June? Feel free to post again and I will give you details where the bite is! ;)

Be well!

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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