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Make sure you know what location format your GPS is set for, hddd mm.mmm' or hddd mm'ss" or hddd.ddddd. Confusing as all heck, but it's critical to know if you want to accurately find locations. Even more important, and even more confusing, You have to determine which format the numbers you are getting are in. Most wreck lists and maps don't even tell you. You usually have to figure it out for yourself. Whatever format the numbers you receive are, that's the format you must have your GPS set for. Or your locations will substantially off. Ei: I noticed if your GPS is set for hdd mm.mmm' format and your map numbers (wrecks) are in hddd mm'ss" (which very often is the case), your locations will very often off around .3 of a mile. No wonder I couldn't find the wrecks I was looking for! This is not to confuse anyone. Just to make you aware if you weren't already.
Good Luck and God Bless to All
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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