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stupid question??

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hello eveyone.
This may sound like a stupid question
but I just need to find out,forgive me.
on the loran and GPS coordinates here on the noreaster section, it gives you many locations #'s but I would like to know,is a gps alone enough to pin point them ?? I mean I know where they are but me & my friend always have trouble finding these holes.My friend is going to buy a gps if your answer is yes :)
thank you for your help.
Still learninggggggg..

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Ps: one more thing.all the numbers given on the noreaster are LORAN #'s.
Can someone explain please the difference.
Thank you & tight lines.

GPS is all you need and it is getting hard to find a LORAN (LOng RAnge Navigation)unit anyways. Most GPS units will convert Loran TD's (Time Delays) to Lat Long when set up.

I suggest that you take a free CG Aux. boating class if you have the time. The CG has a decent web site to learn about both GPS and LORAN.

Capt. Marc
No system will pinpoint them since no two units are identically calibrated. To find a piece, you need to buoy the #'s then execute a search pattern until you find the structure. Then buoy the structure and record the actual #'s for your unit. My Loran C is usually off by .1-.2 from any published #'s. That's equivalent to like 75 - 100'. It can take hours to get on a piece especially in deep water. But the second time you go your repeatability will be improved. During the summer, I take a day or two just to search for new bottom and get my #'s down.

Bill Sullivan
Jones/Debs editor
Nor'east Saltwater
Furuno make a Loran C unit but it cost $1300. I just bought Furuno's GP -36 Dgps unit fo $560. It give lat and long, td's, and decca numbers. I haven't tried it out yet but will in stall it this weekend and let you know how it is.

thank you
no question ever stupid,i didnt know this answer my self ,now i have the answer this site is good for education tight lines jimmy

Thank you guys for the info.
now I know what I'm dealing with. Coffecup,I took a look at the Furuno's GP -36 Dgps ,neat!!!
I'll check it out too.let me know how well it works.
thank you.
Also take a look at the Garmin 152. It around $300, fixed mount and is capable of recieving WAAS Signal. I usually get less then 12' accuracy and you don't need a DGPS reciever.

Capt. Marc
Make sure you know what location format your GPS is set for, hddd mm.mmm' or hddd mm'ss" or hddd.ddddd. Confusing as all heck, but it's critical to know if you want to accurately find locations. Even more important, and even more confusing, You have to determine which format the numbers you are getting are in. Most wreck lists and maps don't even tell you. You usually have to figure it out for yourself. Whatever format the numbers you receive are, that's the format you must have your GPS set for. Or your locations will substantially off. Ei: I noticed if your GPS is set for hdd mm.mmm' format and your map numbers (wrecks) are in hddd mm'ss" (which very often is the case), your locations will very often off around .3 of a mile. No wonder I couldn't find the wrecks I was looking for! This is not to confuse anyone. Just to make you aware if you weren't already.
Good Luck and God Bless to All
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