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Stripers in the fall

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ok, before I start going crazy with the stripers i would really like to know the setup that people use and how they fish them.
how do you rig the bunker? do you use a weight?
open spool or light drag?
when you get a bite do u wait for a certain amount of time to set the hook?
how do you keep your bait away from the blues?
appreciate all answers, and does anyone know a bait shop near mamaroneck where they sell live eels? wanted to try them out sometime in the sound (within 40 minute drive)
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I would suggest doing a search. There is tons of info on bellying, chuncking, live lining ( ells, bunker, shad), hooks sizes and leader and rigging.

There is info info there to keep you busy for weeks with all the post that available.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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