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Two of the cheapest suppliers of good bait on the north shore of Mass. are D+B
Bait off St. Peters Square on Rogers Street in Gloucester and the guy who sticks up a hand-written sign on the State Fish Pier,also in Gloucester, every Saturday.

The latter lets anglers into the stall of the bait wholesaler he works for....where thousands of pounds of fresh macks and herring are stored in bins the size of a king's bed.

A five-gallon baker's bucket filled with either bait runs only ten dollars at either place --- in other words, a five-day supply of chum and chunk bait if you have access to a large freezer at home. And at that price, chum is a whole lot cheaper than the $2.50-per mack two-pack charged by the local bait and tackle pirates.

Who has special ideas on how to store chum?

Many kayak anglers up this way slice up their macks and herring into chum size within an hour after then buy them. They then place handful of chum into sandwich baggies, freeze say half a dozen baggies in larger bags in the freezer.

Time to fish: y grab four or five bags, store them in the collapsible cooler in the aft hatch of the kayaks, and then it's off the local chum and chunk hole....

What do other yak anglers do?
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