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Striper Surf Club Beach Clean-Up

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Hey all you surf rats! It's time once again to for the Striper Surf CLub annual beach clean-up at the WE2 Construction Dock on April 12, 2008!

We've had great crowds the last few years, and we've made a big difference to the environment in the Construction Dock area. Come down and see all the regulars and some new faces too. As always, the SSC boys will have hot coffee and a fine lunch provided by Causeway Deli. Causeway B&T, Kwak's and many of the other shops that work so hard to cater to the surfcasting crowd are sponsoring us with raffle give-aways once again, so we thank them for their generosity.

Come out and lend a hand, have some laughs, and tell your best fish stories. The clean-up begins at 0830. Check the for more details and photos.

See you on the beach!

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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