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I am having a real tough time trying to locate and catch Striper's. I would appreciate some help on the folowing:

1. What type of bait?
2. How deep of water?
3. Ideal tide time Night/Day?
4. Same type of riging as Bluefish?
5. How deep/shallow?
6. Do Blues mingle with Striper's?
7. Game fish or ok to eat at any weight?

I am truly a novice at all of this which is why I am so appreciative and thank you in advance for any and all tips.

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I'm far from a pro, but in additon to the above very informative post, look for rocks. In Maine, bass are sometimes called rockfish and I'm sure this is why. So rocky drop-offs, rock piles and huge boulders are all good prospects.

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Some more advice

The others here have given you some good advice.I just added top there advice so look at all the post and put them together to get the best answer.

1. What type of bait? Well prblmsslvd Gave you the typical bait used there and maybe Herring if there around.
2. How deep of water? Water depth is something which is going to be trial and error. Try and look for structure or drop off?s. As the water temps drop you will see the fish more active and bait will become more important.
3. Ideal tide time Night/Day? This is a 24 thousand dollar question I have caught them both times of the day. Actually early morning and dusk is a good time try and get the last 2 hrs. Of each tide is my practice this way you get a chance to find out what tide they may prefer .
4. Same type of rigging as Bluefish? NO! Use a mono leader not wire. Yes it can work but bass can be line shy so stick with a good leader of 25 to 40 Lbs. Depending on the fish in the area
5. How deep/shallow? This is a question of trial and error. I mean you got the race on the north shore which is deep and will produce. Then you got the flats around it which can also produce. Again trial and error is the key here.
6. Do Blues mingle with Striper's? Yes this will happen as well as weak fish also. Many times the bass will be below the Blues. The bass is more of a bottom feeder but when in a frenzy will bust the top like you have never seen. Bait is a very key element to look for. In the fall you may see fish busting water all around so never pass up working fish. When you approach a working school always get down tide of them and give your self plenty of room trying not to spoke them. This means kill the motor! Noise is the biggest part in scaring a working school of fish on top of the water. Use jigs or plugs when you see a school on the surface bait is not always the answer. Bait is mainly used in an area the fish will be hanging around. Once the fish start to move trolling and lures will out produce moving fish. Yes you can setup and chum and use bait but give the lures a try first.
7. Game fish or ok to eat at any weight? The smaller the fish the sweeter the meat!
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