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Strange surf catches

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Has anyone ever had a strange or unlikely catch from the beaches off of LI. I have heard of tuna once in a while and sharks swimming in at night (Sand Tigers, Duskys, brown). Just wondering if the rumors are true. Thanks guys.
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How about a 14 foot great white caught in a gill net in about 15 feet of water? This shark was caught off of Cupsogue Beach in late June, 1997,close enough to shore to hear the people talking on the beach!! Not just a fish story, my brother works on the boat. No extreme surf fishing for me either.
I caught a red snapper. It was a 15" one. I caught it while I was casting for Striper. I threw it back.
I heard about the GW in 15 ft. of water. Seems there were a lot of sightings of them last season.
How about a house screen door off of LBI NJ, a week after a NE storm.
a few years back there was a tidal pool out at demo around back with a school of small sharks stuck in it . this was back when the tide would come in and cut the bar by the inlet off. when the water dropped they were in there all day. don't know what kind but they were about 3' with white tipped fins.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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