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storm rubber shads

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ok, weve all had the discussion about how great these lures are and about the new version.
well, according to the new basspro catalog i got yesterday heres the scoop on the new ones:
wildeye rippin' swim shad- "a fast action soft plastic version of a lipless crank" has a treble and regular hook 2-5"
wildeye suspending swim shad- "weighted for incredible stop and go retrieves" has a treble and regular hook 3-4"
wildeye finesse minnow- "a slinky, totally natural preyfish with a soft wrigle" A no hook stickbait 2-4"
wildeye shrimp- "jointed design mimics live shrimp" 4"

yes thats right.. there are 2 new treble hook equipped storms (+ shrimp and stickbait versions)
so what do you guys think of storms new lineup?
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they suck

no need for a treble, they need to make them bluefish resistant. The original shads work great
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