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Storing Tuna Rods?

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I will shortly be storing my tuna rods with AFTCO roller guides. I was thinking about spraying the guides with wd-40 and covering them with a sheet till next July. Is this the best way to store them? Can WD-40 cause any harm to the rod finish?I figure a good wash before I use them with soapy water would take off any left over smells or oils.

Capt. Marc
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Hi Capt Marc,

I rinse all my rods with fresh water as soon as a trip is over(at dock).

At home I wash the rods in warm water using hand soap and then rinse well. Usually do this in the shower.

Looking at the AFTCO catalog it says, "To keep your rollers turning freely, always flush the entire guide (and tip-top) with fresh water each time you return to the dock. This will wash away the saltwater residue that can build up between the roller and frame, and is all the maintenance required to assure that your roller guides will perform perfectly for years to come."

You can go to to review this and any other info.

Capt Neil

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Some people have reported problems with finish on rods using WD40 as the goof Capt said soap and water go a long way in keeping them operational

Thanks for the info. I usually hose them pretty good at the dock with fresh water along with the internationals. At more then $1500 a rig plus the possibility of a bige bluefin getting away without everything working 100% you really can't be careful enough.

I will stay away from the wd-40 if there is any possibility of causing damage to the finishes.

R/Capt. Marc
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