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Some sc*mbag stole the engine off my flats skiff sometime during the last 2 weeks. It's a 40HP Mercury Classic 2 stroke 2 cylinder outboard, model year 2000. Can't miss it - it's loud and it smokes... alot.

They took their time and unbolted it cleanly. They also took the control box, tach, ignition switch, and harness as well as a remote 6 gallon tank from my roommates parents house in Port Jefferson Station.

The serial number is: 0T046501

A police report has been filed, so possession of the engine is now a crime. I haven't seen it on Craigslist or Ebay... and local shops will be advised to keep a look out as of Tuesday.

If anyone hears anything about it, please shoot me a PM or call the office. If by some means you have it, it can be returned to the Century dealership in Mt. Sinai with no consequences or questions asked.


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