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Greetings to all who remember me.

It's been too long since I've dropped by to say hello.
WELL, it's been nice being back, so I'll see you all again in another year. ;)

Seriously, I feel like there are only 12 hours in a day. Since my last visit here I have started a sports/music marketing company. I still live in the city but have my offices in Westchester. Makes for a nice reverse commute but the gas expenses are, well we all know. :(

I will post again very soon, but I wish to leave you with some pictures of what I've been up to, not in any particular order. All pics are ORIGINAL company photos take by staff photographers. All are welcomed to use them if you wish.

Ironically, I bleed blue and orange as some of you know, but I've been to more Yankee games this year due to the job. Can anyone tell us what game the scoreboard picture is from?

Nice seeing some familiar names.

PS: I did see that post of my CAT IN THE WALL a bit back. ROLFMAO - thanks for remembering! Madi is still alive and has never gotten into any more trouble. Any of you remember "The Pot and Pans Rack" post? Well, that ugly contracting nightmare project is still ugly, but hasn't budged and supports over 100#'s. Thanks again for the help on that beast.

Checked out Sting and the boys last show at Jones

First Red Sox series of 2008

2008 Belmont - BIG BROWN OUT! lol

This image is from the morning before...spent 3 days there

The Shrine's Final _______ Day Game

Just an artistic rendition by one of our photgraphers


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Just passing through?

You could have left your post in the other forum, Cany now runs the show here. I'm sure he wouldn't have minded.

I bumped up your cat in the wall thread a while back, I saw they almost committed this guy and was wondering why they didn't do that to you.

Do you work with Steiner Sports or a competitor?
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