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Stern Anchoring

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When and how would I use a stern anchor? I have seen others doing this while blackfishing over wrecks but have no idea why they don't just use a bow anchor like one would normally use? Are they using a different style of anchor?
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Stern anchoring

if you are interested in injuring yourself severely on a small boat then i suggest using a stern anchor. partyboats down south anchor off of the stern because many of them do not have winches to pick up the anchor. when they are ready to move, they put a ball on the anchor and put the engines in the corner and horse out the anchor off of the bottom. in addition, there is no need for a wrech anchor. if you know how to anchor, then you use two danforth high tensile anchors and put one on each side of the wreck. when you want to move around on the wreck, you loosen one and tighten the other so that you shift the enrtire boat around. good luck and be safe. definitely practice on a calm day so that the stern of your boat isn't earten by a wave like a donut to a fat chick.
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