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Steering Replacement

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I have decided to replace the OEM (Morse) steering system on my 21 ft. CC with a new Teleflex rotary helm NFB system. The boat is powered by a 130 HP Yamaha outboard. According to information received from Teleflex I can go with either the SS 147 (4 turns lock to lock) or the SS 132 (3 turns lock to lock). The current steering system is 3 turns. Any one have experience with 4 turns on a similat type craft? Any advantages/disadvantages to going from 3 to 4 turns lock to lock? All opinions and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, George
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Your timing could not have been better

I just finished doing all the research because I had to replace my teleflex steering.

Here's the deal...

The "3-Turn" rotary SS132 is rated for engines up to 4 cylinder. The "4 turns" ss147 is for larger engines. HOWEVER, considering that your 130hp is one of the LARGEST 4 cylinders on the market, you should go with the ss147 "4-turns" system. As a matter of fact, I bet your 130hp 4 cylinder might even weigh within a few pounds of the 150hp 6 cylinder.

The lower gear ratio of the "4 turn" system makes the engine feel much lighter and easier to turn. There is very little sacrifice with the extra turn unless you have a racing boat.

The other advantage is that if you ever decide to upgrade to a larger engine, you won't have to change the steering all over again.
According to the Teleflex technician I spoke with when I was doing my research, the key to longevity of their system is lubrication.

The correct way he described to lubricate the cable included removing the steering arm from the engine and cleaning out all of the old grease that is inside of the tilt tube and replacing it with new quality waterproof marine grease. He advised that this procedure should be performed at the end of every season.
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