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Steel or aluminum prop?

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Thinking about going w/ steel for longevity and better performance. I have a 19" CC Bay boat w/ Suzuki DF115 and would like some informed opinions. I use it both both on the north and south shores along w/ lakes upstate. I hear that if you ruin your outdrive by striking something w/ a steel prop it's covered by insurance, but do I want to wait for the work to be done in that event and miss out on fishing? How likely is it that I ruin the outdrive w/ a steel prop? I have never hit anything solid in my normal boating areas. Thx.
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I recently was informed that Quicksilver (Mercury) has been putting out stainless props w/ a poly insert. The insert supposidly will break and can easily be replaced. That's the best of bothe worlds.. aside from price, of course. There are probably options like that for suziki's....

As far as not hitting anything.. Even in fairly open ocean, it's easy enough to wack a lobster buoy w/ chain on it or floating debri.. I've seen a zillion logs & even a floating steel tank once. The last time I destroyed a prop it was in 50 ft of water and I still don't know what it was I hit. So, I'm saying that it happens and with the standard stainless props, you've got a good chance of bending the prop shaft.

For me, stainless just doesn't seem worth it, regardless of an extra few MPH or some small performance increase or longevity. They still can be dinged up on impact, and it's a huge difference in cost. I'd rather own two inexpensive aluminum props.

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