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Steel or aluminum prop?

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Thinking about going w/ steel for longevity and better performance. I have a 19" CC Bay boat w/ Suzuki DF115 and would like some informed opinions. I use it both both on the north and south shores along w/ lakes upstate. I hear that if you ruin your outdrive by striking something w/ a steel prop it's covered by insurance, but do I want to wait for the work to be done in that event and miss out on fishing? How likely is it that I ruin the outdrive w/ a steel prop? I have never hit anything solid in my normal boating areas. Thx.
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I'm doing a test right now with a Piranha Composite Prop. The best part is that the blades can be replaced for less than $20 each. They have a really cool plan;

They sent me three different pitch/blade sizes. Once I test each set to find the size that performs the best I can return the unwanted sizes for either a refund or a extra replacement blades. check them out here...

Piranha Props
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