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Steel or aluminum prop?

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Thinking about going w/ steel for longevity and better performance. I have a 19" CC Bay boat w/ Suzuki DF115 and would like some informed opinions. I use it both both on the north and south shores along w/ lakes upstate. I hear that if you ruin your outdrive by striking something w/ a steel prop it's covered by insurance, but do I want to wait for the work to be done in that event and miss out on fishing? How likely is it that I ruin the outdrive w/ a steel prop? I have never hit anything solid in my normal boating areas. Thx.
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As it was said, stainless is allegedly more efficient and much more durable. Instead of getting dinged on clams running through the mud or sand, it will cut through it. But as you know, you can ruin your lower unit. They are more expensive, but last longer.

If you are going to be running it around in shallow water and rocks on the North Shore or upstate lakes (which you probably will be in a bay boat. I know where you're fishing ;) ) I would consider staying with aluminum. Stainless will ding, bend or break when hitting a rock and ruin the lower unit. Aluminum will be cheaper to replace and probably not damage much else.

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