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State to pursue its own fishing regulations (MA)

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Article from New Bedford

"Massachusetts will draw up its own groundfish management plan with the hope of moving the federal government away from its ?days at sea? system, which has been ineffective and catastrophic to the industry, Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Ian Bowles told The Standard-Times on Tuesday."
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twofinbluna wrote:
I agree wateraye, its good to at least see an effort by MA to help their fishermen. Not sure where it will go, but at least someone is trying.

Nothing Diodati comes up with is worth the powder it would take to blow it to where I'd like him to go.

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More BS....
CCT wrote:
Fishing industry representatives say they welcome the state's new commitment to improving federal groundfishing regulations but are eager to see a specific plan of how environmental officials will proceed.

Yessss - won't it be interestinggggg
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