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I've only seen a few examples of these newer Plama rods, never fished with any of them. Seem nice enough and competitive in their price range.

From what I recall, they also featured that head to foot coating with Flexcoat, the one big complaint I have with almost every Star rod I've seen and owned. While covering the whole rod with thread finish probably makes it a tougher product, in a light tackle stick, its not something I look for due to the increased weight and goofy look (to me at least).

I will say this though - I own a graphite heavier boat rod that I bought from Star many seasons ago and use for small boat cod - very good quality and it HAS held up very well indeed. For a rod like that overall weght is not a big thing - but for a delicate baitcaster? For me, I'd rather look at rods not completely coated with epoxy finish.

best, Lep
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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