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I have a chance to buy a St.Croix pm66mhf used on another forum Would this stick be suitable for seabass or tog down to 80 ft. weights between 4 and 8 oz. ? I can pick it up for $75.00 does this sound like a fair price? Thanks for your time. Dave S

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That particular rod was the "Go-to"stick for one of my sharpest fishin' buddies for many years.

Seabass at Block Island and Coxes Ledge Cod. Bass and Blues in the Plum Gut and killer "Mammu" Tog on my boat at 17 and his boat at Plum Island and a nice 35lb bass on a Spring Block Island Cod trip fishing clams in 70' of water - a nice surprise to say the least. - That one rod has seen it all and gone thru all heck and never ever a hiccup nor does it appear overmatched, regardless of technique or area fished.

All the above is true, but now that rod sits in the rack and he reaches first for another.

Can you guess which one?

Its the cheap-but-sturdy BPS-built $30 "Lep's Stick" - he actually prefers the lesser-priced rod - and it proved itself this Fall toggin' off Connecticut and at 17 with fish up to 10.6lbs.

Back to the rod you asked about - I myself have a Mark Flynn custom stick made up on a St. Croix 7'6" version of that same blank, trimmed bow and stern - use it for Bass Chumming and togging - its super sensitive and tough as nails.

I REALLY like that stick you are interested in and for the purposes you asked about, it is ideal.

And in good condition, for $75 its a good deal too.

rgds, Leprechaun

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Model # PM66MHF is 6'6", Power=MH medium heavy, Action=F fast, 17-40 lb test line, lure wt=3/4 to 3 oz, tip= #10, Classified as a Musky/bucktail/Salt Water rod.

Yes I would use it for sea bass and small blacks.

The blank retails for about $70. Too bad you can't see the rod first.

St Croix makes very nice rods.
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