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St. Augustine

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Does anyone know of any open boat options in/around St. Augustine? Specifically, kid-friendly options. Also, are there any fishing piers in the area? I'll be down there with the family next week. Thanks.
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I lived down in St. Augustine a few years ago and fished on the K-2 when I was down there. They have a fantastic crew and great boat. Its full day deep sea bottom fishing, if you do go out don't forget to bring some sibiki rigs for catching live bait.I don't know of any half day inshore trips that you might be looking for but I highly recommend this boat. As for fishing piers head over to Vilano beach take 1A and you will see the pier as you are going over the bridge. There is a restaurant right there too that makes a fantastic mahi sandwich.

Wish I was going. Enjoy!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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