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60's today, close to 70 by Saturday? Do I dare think spring is here? Should I put the ice sled away? Do I hear the price of bloodworms going through the roof?

I cant take it anymore, I want to fish without gloves and neoprene covering me from head to toe.

I think this weekend will be good for me to get out of dodge for awhile.

Anyone else going to take advantage of the last weekednd that walleye, pikeral, and pike will be open untill may?

I finally got my tackle storage situation under control, I finally switched over to soft sided tackle bags and tackle trays set up for species specific situations (topwater, crappie jigs, spinnerbaits etc..) I think thats the first time I've had everything out at once. How much tackle is too much?

Word to the wise, I took this opportunity to video tape my tackle for insurance reasons. If anything does happen, atleast I wont be out of action for long. God forbid, theres lots of thing that just can't be replaced anymore.

Reels are cleaned and respooled, rods checked and repaired, Waders sealed, batterys on chargers, and bug spray stocked up, I'm ready.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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