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OK...first off....Am I drunk, or did Nakeddevil post his question after Surfcaster already replied....(look at the post times)..12:15pm & 11:34pm...LOL!
Ok...anyway...What state are you going to fish from? If it's NY, then I can't help with spots...If it's NJ, then I could help.
The approx dates that surfcaster said, are pretty much correct. If you plan on fishing in NJ/PA, you can use either state's license, just like NY/PA share. On the Jersey side of the river, there are more spots that are easier to fish from a boat than
from shore. Some of the spots that you can fish from shore are anywhere on the road just below Dingman's Ferry bridge. Follow that road down from the bridge, and anywhere that there is a spot to park, that's where there would be access to the river. Below there, the only other spots that I know of, are near the Poxono boat launch, the State park at Worthington Forest launch ramp, and at the Rt 80 bridge. I know there are spots south of Rt 80, but I am not familiar with them.
The best spots along the NJ/PA section of the river, are on the PA side. Cross Dingman's Ferry Bridge, and follow Rt 206 south. There are a few launch ramps that you can fish near, and some other access sites. PA puts signs along the highway to let you know where these access areas are, so finding them isn't hard. The best spot that I have found, is the Eshback launching area. Park at the ramp, and then walk upriver about 5 minutes. There is a small set of rapids, and the shad hang out just below the rapids. It's easier to fish this spot with waders.
I know this info isn't that in depth, but I would be happy to help you with more info if you are interested. I didn't go that much into detail, because I don't know if you are going to be fishing
NJ/PA, or NY/PA.
Ok...enough (sorry, I just have cabin Let me know if you need more info.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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