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Fishing here off the Palm Beaches has been fair as of late. The weather has been 85 degrees one day and 70 the next. Our weather here is pretty dictated by wind direction and with it changing daily, sometimes hourly, it's tough to work a pattern with any kind of consistence.

Sailfishing has been sporatic, kingfishing slowed and offshore has been hit or miss. The bottom bite has been awesome for snapper and an ocassional grouper.

Although not as glamorous as sailfish or dolphin, mutton snapper are pleasurable alternative when conditions are not favorable for big game action. It's tough say where your best chances are to drop a sardine because conditions change so rapidly. Check your charts and weather conditions. One day the current will be strong on the inshore reefs, which is prime conditions. But some days there is no current, then you have to move out at locate favorable water conditions. Checking your sonar will tell you where the most fish are.

Spinner sharks are inshore and provide excellent sport as an alternative to sailfish. They will jump and tear off line from your reel with the best of them.

Spanish Mackerel are still thick off Peck's Lake!

Spring is around the corner, get sabikis ready and cast nets repaired.
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