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spring blackfish on north shore

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i dont expect any personal hot spots just some useful tips.I have tried the smithtown reef with no luck. talked to a local sharpie and he told me 80 feet of water off cranes neck. any help on a spot and best baits would help.
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Don't give up on the smithtown reef-it extends over a wide area-watch for othe r boats about 40 feet-use green crabs-anchoring over structure is crucial-Cranes-go due north about 80 feet-depthfinder is imperative-look for wreck and anchor up right over it-no wreck=no fish-patience
Western Sound

Should I try my hand at spring blackfishing or is it too early?

I heard blackfishing is picking up in the smithtown reef area. I have been to 2 bait shops and they are not carrying crabs anymore they say it is to hard to keep and screws up their shops anyone in smithtown area know where to get crabs for blackfishing?

The majority of the people posting her that have been blackfishing in the western sound indicate that worms and clams are outproducing the crabs.
Bait shops--no crabs

Soft baits are ussually the way to go at this time of the year....


bait shops that won't carry crabs because they are hard to keep and too messy??

Maybe they should get into interior decorating instead.
Blackfishing yesterday

Went out on the Daybreak III yesterday and soft baits are definatley the way to go with the blackies.

Most of the fish were shorts and a whole lotta bergals. Stamford reef was most productive spot.
Finnegan- QUESTION....

When you get a chance, read my post about CT regs in the General Fishing section. Just curious, did you notice if anyone on the partyboat yesterday kept more than the four fish per angler CT limit? Also, did the captain or mates announce that the CT regs were only four fish per day??

The best way to get crabs is to trap them yourself-go to boaters world and buy a crab trap(about 20 bucks)-Throw any old fishy crap in it-place off the dock for the night and in the morning-voila-crabs
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