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Jersey look for "structure";) . jettys, bridges, and sod banks (they are all over Jersey). find an area scout it at various times of the day, tides even weather conditions.

South Jersey hasn't seen the Big Line Siders yet this year? reports have em still pretty far north?

3 trips to the southern shore this season produced Nothing the first trip? a 28" fat Stripe the second trip and two weeks ago 4 shorts to 22" no keeps?

talked to a guy who picked up a 36" stripe two days prior to my trip?

Looking to go again this weekend or next?

Talk to the guys at the nearest bait shop to where your going? most guys will help? they want you to come back? Most times I get solid advice on what tackle is hot, but as for places? they'll get you to some water but nothing beats a good personal fishing log documenting time of day, water, temp, tides, wind, etc. and lots of time just getting familliar with an area?

hope this helps?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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