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I also received the email from Sanjay.

There are many of us who have trouble putting a trip together. The captains that advertise on this website could post when they have available dates. I don't believe they would have trouble finding 6 people to split a charter.

They could wait until 3 or 4 days prior to the date, then post which fish the boat will be sailing for.

I attended the first Bash, and found everyone there to be very friendly. Would enjoy fishing with any of the members.

Harvey Cooper

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We have recently introduced Split Charters and the first one is available on our homepage. We will be adding ports and boats in the very near future, so if you have a specific area and time of year that you want to fish send me a PM and I?ll work on getting a boat to offer to our users as a split charter.

We?re in the early stages of this service and any feedback on how we could improve on it would be appreciated.
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