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I got this extra Lami GBT841XH.
I'm thinking a 1 foot extension
4 or five high frame Fuji sic spinning surf guides

Match with one of these reels
VS 400
Stella 1600
Penn 9500SS
filled with 65lb Power Pro

I see my self flinging 10 to 12 OZ jigs spining style down at the Bank.

Ok fellas am I nuts or should I start wrapping.
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In FL, don't folks deep jig grouper with spinners? This is actually what Stellas were originally designed for in Japan.

Using lighter tackle than you are talking about. I'd get a spinner designed for braided line, and use a much lighter jig.

BTW, a 9500 has an International (16S?) drag washer under the spool. Yes, it adds more drag, but the rest of the reel is not built any tougher than any other Penn SS, so guess what will happen.....
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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