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I got this extra Lami GBT841XH.
I'm thinking a 1 foot extension
4 or five high frame Fuji sic spinning surf guides

Match with one of these reels
VS 400
Stella 1600
Penn 9500SS
filled with 65lb Power Pro

I see my self flinging 10 to 12 OZ jigs spining style down at the Bank.

Ok fellas am I nuts or should I start wrapping.
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The weak link is the reel
as Captain Mark said the bail.
The only manual bail reel that might take the abuse the van Staal 400
but at $1800 I don't think so.
I was looking to experiment but I guess not.
I already have 3 8 foot cod sticks built on the GBT841XH and a 4th which I just finished building that I named "Frankenstein".
It's 8 1/2 footer
I built it from a surf rod I built from a GSB1502MH blank.
I crushed the butt in a car door
The rod is a 2 piece rod so I epoxyed the 2 pieces at the ferrule and cut it back from the crushed butt 4 feet.
Man what a bat this thing can Fling 20 OZ Crippled herrings like they were A27s and light as a feather.
Can't wait to try it on Joeys boat this spring in Hyannis or the Bunny Clark.
I am thinking of getting a Trnidad 40 or an avet lx 4.1 to put on it.
Fellas thanks for the input on the spinning thing.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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