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Spinning Reels/Power Pro

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I've been using Power Pro in my Penn 975 and 965 and have been very happy with the results over the last 2 - 3 years. I only have three spinning reels, light, medium , and heavy and was thinking of respooling my 4400SS with 20lb Power Pro instead of the 12lb on there now. Higher test, more capacity, more abrasion proof and hopefully less line twist. Any down side of casting or plug movement etc..
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I'm not sure I understand the response, I currently have 12lb mono on the reel and want to beef it up slightly. Was it the PP specifically that was the problem and the Fireline was better? Also going from the diameter of 12lb mono to 20 PP is that thick enoughg to avoid any problems. I could go 30lb PP but start to lose line capacity.
Thanks Doughboy, I think I got it now. Final Question. Is 20lb Fireline (approx 300 yards) a good match for that reel. That reel is dedicated to my travel rod 7' 3 piece St. Croix rod rated 121/2-25. I use this set up together with a Penn 965 w/ 30lb PP and the identical blank for my winter and spring fishing trips, about 6 trips per winter. My buddy has a house in the Keys so all it costs me is airfare to Miami. We use his boats and rods for Winter Sails and Spring Tarpon. As he is not a light tackle guy, I bring my own gear for Mahi, Barraccuda and inshore for Snapper Grouper ets. I'm actaully going this Thursday (I have to miss the bash) to San Juan PR for my 40th. Friday am Tarpon w/ Capt. Omar Orracha of Carribean Outfitters and Sat. 1/2 day charter with Capt. Mike Benitez for YFT Striped Marlin and maybe just maybe a misguided Blue.
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