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Spinning Reels/Power Pro

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I've been using Power Pro in my Penn 975 and 965 and have been very happy with the results over the last 2 - 3 years. I only have three spinning reels, light, medium , and heavy and was thinking of respooling my 4400SS with 20lb Power Pro instead of the 12lb on there now. Higher test, more capacity, more abrasion proof and hopefully less line twist. Any down side of casting or plug movement etc..
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Don't do it

Power Pro is a PITA on the SS series reels in lighter test. I tried the same thing on mine and wound up cutting out loops. At first I though I overfilled the spool, but I cut it way down into the spool and still got the loops.

Since then I've heard that the SS's are notorious for this problem. But if you use the higher test lines it's OK. I use 14 Fireline on my 4400SS and it's great. The 20 lb PP works fine on my Nautil. From what I hear, it is strictly with the SS's
Yes, Power Pro was specifically the problem. It is a design flaw in the line or the reels, but light test Power Pro (20 or 10) will get loops on all of the SS reels, no matter how much you try not to. Guys that use 30lb don't seem to have the problem. If you are set on using Power Pro, try 30 or even 50, but you are really going to overpower the reel, which is not a problem as long as you don't overload the drag. For that reel I would recommend Fireline though.

Using either of the braids will, most likely increase your casting distance, and neither of them will hurt your lure movement.
Fireline will work fine on the reel. I use 14 on mine, but 20 will work well also, I am sure.

Man, it sounds like a tough schedule you've got. Feel free to share some of that burden :)

Happy Birthday and enjoy the trip. I am hoping to get down to Boca Grande for the Spring tarpon run in the pass this May.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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