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Spinning Reels/Power Pro

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I've been using Power Pro in my Penn 975 and 965 and have been very happy with the results over the last 2 - 3 years. I only have three spinning reels, light, medium , and heavy and was thinking of respooling my 4400SS with 20lb Power Pro instead of the 12lb on there now. Higher test, more capacity, more abrasion proof and hopefully less line twist. Any down side of casting or plug movement etc..
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I have used Power pro on My penn Reels.
I have a Penn 6500,5500,4500...
I used the 30,50 lbs test and nothing but problems. Wind knots almost every cast. Cut and re-tie over and over again. Oh... very frustrating...
I went back to Fireline which has always worked Flawless on my penn reels no matter what test I used wether it was 14,20 or 30lbs test.

Maybe Power pro and penn reels just dont work properly.

I have tried Power pro on a shimano spinning reel and on occasion would still wind up with a notorious wind knot.
I stay far away from Power pro now...
I've had nothing with but problems...
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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