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I was speaking with a contact who works for a major kayak manufacturer today and we're trying to get better fishing kayaks made. SO we have a special request. It will directly benefit all of us who fish from kayaks and plan to in the future. Our contact needs info for the suits. So we need the help form both lurkers and posters. Essentially we need to show how the sport is growing. If you could email me letters, which I will forward, about how you got started. Most of us seem to be surf fisherman who got tired of watching fish out of range. Also discuss if you bought the companies angler package or accessorized it aftermarket. Then tell a bit about kayak fishing and what you think of the sport. Much appreciated as we will all benefit. One last thing, please don't procrastinate in writing. Our contact will be meeting with the decision makers early next week. If we can present a lot of letters in a very short period of time the impact will be impressive. Send them to me at the address below.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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