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South Shore

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I'll be on the South Shore this Saturday with the family and if I'm lucky I'll get a few hours to fish in the afternoon. Of the three places I'm familiar with; Gilgo, Sore Thumb and Democrat Point, which one would be best for the incoming tide (I think high tide is around 4:45 PM). Also, bait or plugs?

I've got my NYS 4WD permit so access is not a problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm definitely no expert, but this is what I've learned from fishing Demo, Sore Thumb, and Field 6 this year, and this year only. (others please correct me if you beg to differ): At the inlets (which would be sore thumb, Cedar, and Demo) last two hours of the outgoing, and first two of the incoming. For the open beaches, away from the inlets, moving tide, close to high, out going or incoming.
patterns change all the time due to weather, bait, moon, etc.
This time of year you can catch fish anyday, anytime, anytide!
I tend to agree with Mr. Hole, he seems passionate about his endevours.
Field 6 depends a lot on bait being there. If there's no bait , there are few fish. Bait helps at Demo and the Thumb but the structure of the beach also helps funnel fish that come looking for food.

Hmmm.... Who told you that info.? (tsk...tsk)

I hope you get this info. in time...
There was a decent bite (chunk) front of Thumb and Gilgo this morning. Largest fished culled was an impressive 32pounder bass and a few chopper blues.

Hope this helps.

"Crazy" Alberto
Driving east on the Ocean Parkway, before you hit Oak Beach, there is a cut that it not really well marked. You'll need a NYS beach permit to get out there, but follow the road till you hit water, and you'll be at Sore Thumb.

Good Luck
Awesome thanks for the directions
I think going to go to JB6 and WEII this weekend and try it out. Fished whole summer up to now on north shore. Gonna pop my cherry on the south shore this weekend. So if you see some guy casting on to a sand bar thats me
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