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I read an interesting article over the weekend about Phisteria, granted it was in "Maxim". I am not saying what you saw was this disease, but if it was, it is of concern.

Phisteria was first found in North Carolina over a decade ago, and it was killing huge numbers of bunker. Nobody thought much of it until it was found to be able to affect humans as well as fish. In humans it causes lesions and neurological damage and eventually, death. In fish this nasty little phyto plankton digests fish from the inside out and kills them with huge open sores that go through to the guts.

Humans have been infected with the disease by swimming in infected waters, eating and handling infected fish and even by inhaling it in dissolved particles in the air. Apparently, the disease was also found around Long Island a few years ago.

Like I said, this was what I read in "Maxim". How true it all is I cant say. I haven't heard of the disease until this past weekend. I caught a striper last spring that had small sores on its skin. They weren't deep and the fish seemed OK, but I let it go and didn't think much of it. There are a lot of things out there that can cause sores on fish. BUT if I catch or see anything like what I saw in "Maxim", I will definately report to the DEC.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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