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South Shore recommendations?

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My girlfriend wants to go out from Captree, but I was thinking Freeport and Howard Beach would also work since we live in Forest Hills, Queens.
We're looking for a half Day/3 hour trip during the day for us and her two sons, 8 & 11, and my daughter who is 12yo. I've been fishing on the surf since I get nasty motion sickness just looking at a photo of a boat on the water, :) but I'm willing to tough it out with a patch and go out on a calmer inshore excursion. Please feel free to PM me any Recs if you'd like your opinions to be kept private(or any motion sickness remedies!). This topic has probably been asked a zillion times and I'm going to do a search, but feel free to point me to a thread. I have yet to catch my first striper, but perhaps fluke is in the cards?
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I recomend the Island Princess out of Captree. 4 hour trip, family friendly operation. And I hear the bite is good.
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