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about 10 years ago on father's day I bought a small fishing pole set up (rod & reel) for my father who had retired to Florida.

He used to like to fish when he was up here & had moved to a golf retriement community (why I don't know - he didn't play golf) in Weekie Wachie that had inadditon to the golf course a dozen or two large ponds scattered about the community. These ponds had some small mouth bass & other assorted fish in them.

I figured he could use the set up to try a little fishing.

Some a few weeks later I'm talking to my mother & I ask if Dad is using the rod & reel.

"Oh yes. He really likes it & uses it quite frequently."
"He does? That's great."
"Yes - as a matter of fact he's out there right now trying to catch the alligator."

"What? Did you say alligator?"

"Yes. there's been a 4 or 5 foot gator in the pond for the last weekor so & today he decided to see if he could catch it."

"And how is he going about doing this?"
"He's attached a frankfuter to the line & he's casting to it."

Luckily neither he nor the gator had any luck that day..........

True story.

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