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Not so new2kayak anymore!

Got my Cobra Tourer today, from Jon and Joey/

I love it! Jon and MaguillaGorilla got me into 'THE DARK SIDE! today, in Raritan Bay. It was fun. It was great.

I cannot thank both of them enough for the good time and the fish - blues.

I recommend Jon/Joey/KFStuff 100%. For their professional skills and specially for their friendliness and williness to go the extra many many miles to make you happy and satisfied.

And I experimented it all in one day. From a flat tire on GSPkwy when going, to catching 4 blues but not being able to hold on to them, for having to learn how to get back into the kayak ;o) , for not having the right line and keep loosing my lures to the blues, to being literally hooked on my hand (Jon extracted it), to finding out somebody had gotten into my car and taken my wallet with credit cards, money, driving license, watch, and documents, to spending over an hour at the precint to report it and help the officers with some spanish victim of a runnover (I speak Portuguese and can understand Spanish enough to communicate).

Everything else was fine and beautiful.
I consider myself a blesse person and little troubles like these are nothing compared to the people I met and the introduction to the sport.

I hope to meet you guys soon and often for new adventures.
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