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Some Night Fishing Anybody

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Around this time of year I start doing some night trips around my area and fishing can be great. About a 15 min paddle there is some great structure and the fish should be there pretty thick now and get better to where it peaks around July. If anybody is interested in coming alone just let me know. You should have some time kayak fishing under your belt, nights are different and its not for the newbie.
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Hey Joey...Nights are great for Me and I'd really like to get out in that area. Also, if your doing any day trips and you don't mind someone tagging along I could swing it with a day or two advanced notice. Thanks!

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Where are you talking about?

I would definitatly be interested. Do you ever get out to huntington/northport area?
I still think things are about a week or so away from being hot here for night,usually after the action in deep water ends we get the fish in tight :) I was out sunday and got like 8 bass on poppers and shads, nights should be very good around here soon. So will keep you guys posted, ohh the area I am talking about is in the westchester area.
Joey I can guarantee you this weekend things will really be hot for night fishing if the weather cooperates. This coming weekend is a new moon tide. A new moon tide in June is 1 of the best times of the year to catch more than a few keeper size stripers in a night.

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Hey fly..I know this could be a great weekend tide, I had a night last june on the new moon that if I told you about you might think I was lying. If weather holds out I migth try tomorrow night in a cool new spot I found, anybody willing to go please email me.
Joey I'll believe whatever you tell me cause I've seen it all on new moon nights in June and July. Like an all out big bass feeding frenzy during a cinder worm hatch that lasted over 3 hours.
night fishing this weekend

To all,

I love fishing the worm hatch and want to go sunday night on the North shore. There is a good chance of a hatch because it is 1 night before the new moon. I have a Alto Wilderness systems kayak and I would feel comfortable going with someone else at night. I plan to fish Nissequoge or Stoney Brook harbor.
Let me know,


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Rudy you shouldn't bank on the hatch to happen only on Sunday. You should start to searh for a hatch sooner than Sunday. A hatch can happen 2-3 days before or after the new moon. The Porpoise Channel area is a great place for it to happen.

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night fishing this weekend


you are right but this is the night I can go.
night fishing this weekend


I'm interested in meeting you guys at Nissequoge. I'd rather do it (weather permitting) either fri or sat night.

Got a good yak but have no worm flies. Can't I bring small patterns on 1 or 2 hooks and still hookup? Do the strippers really only feed on worm looking flies?

Send me an email if you want to go out.
saturday night and niss river? If you tell me that we can launch and that you know the area I am game to go.

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