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some newbie questions.

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can you throw tin at night? i have a hopkins, kastmaster and deadeye dick.
if no luck with one of these, would you throw one of the other two or switch to another lure?
how many of you actually put on a pork
trailer when using a bucktail?
i have a knockoff small black bronco bag
i put the above tins in the outside pockets and the hooks keep getting caught in the material used to finish off the top of the pockets. i was thinking of putting duct tape along the top but i would rather get some suggestions.
after fishing, i rinse off the rod and reel and then wipe them off with a dry rag. anything else i should do?
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Tins do work at night, although I seldom use them. I have caught several nice weakfish using a Hopkins with a yellow feather at night on a new moon, flood tide.

As far a keeping the tins from tearing up your surf bag, trying using a tin holder wallet. These are avaiable at many tackle shops such as Causway in Wantagh. You can try the surfcaster mail order house at 1-800-551-7873.
Good Luck
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