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Some Bucktails

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Figured I'd try to make a few bucktails.

First up is some Clouser Minnows made with a Clouser YouTube link.

Some 1 1/2 ounce flat heads. The 3 yellow ones in the upper right were bought from NJ Tackle, painted, epoxied and finished. The other were cast from a home made plaster of paris mold. I tried it, it worked, but buying a mold and just taking it out when you need it is much easier.

Then a Patriotic Flathead and then some 2 ounce banana heads

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Tunafever, I too have similiar results fluke fishing whether I am using a basic hot lips or a costly spro bucktail..If you like the body shape of a spro versus the hot lips bucktails, maybe you should try do-it's bucktail mold very similar style to spro..
;)Do-It Molds
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Your welcome tunafever, its like you said the hook size will vary in relation to the size of your jig...What size bucktails do you plan on making? These Mustads will fit the bill..The ultra minnow saltwater versions only come in 2,3 and 4 oz..If you were looking for less weight the Hot Lips or the style H will work just as well..

More Mustad

Hot Lips

Style H
Hey Tuna, I think you hit it right on the head to buy those bucktails from TJ's for a cheap price to sharpen your skills before buying the mold...As far as the eye size it is similar to the hooksize to bucktail size meaning each bucktail size will call for a different application...When you decide on a specific manufacturer just ask them and I am sure they will line up a proper eye size as well as hook size for your bucktail...Best of luck in what ever bucktail you choose... Here's yor link TJ's

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flonderbound wrote:
If you go on ebay under little louie lures for bass there is the ultra minnow mold in 2,3 and 4oz for $36.99 +shipping.

Good find Flonderbound, that a real good price

Lil Louies

Lil Louies 2,3,4 oz Ultra Minnow
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